Theme Options Z: My second Plugin is out !

Theme Options Z WordPress Plugin

Just another powerful Theme Options Plugin.

After months of hard work My second plugin Theme Options Z is ready for use. Let’s talk something about it.

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From Where I get Idea

During developing themes for clients I needed to use Options.php for custom options to allow clients to change it’s value according them. Like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn URL’s, Google Analytics code, extra scripts. Every time I develop a theme I have to change that options page. That’s where I got an idea that there should be a plugin to fulfil my needs. I tried to search on but no plugin was there to accomplish my requirements. Then I decided to develop my own plugin.

Why it’s built using AngularJS

At time I was new to AngularJS and there were lots of talks about Angular. So I thought why not to give it a shot, this way I will learn Angular and plugin will be on latest framework (Obviously will be fast). Thus I started to built it using AngularJS 1.x and it took more time than it should as I was newbie to ng.

Theme Options Z overview

Theme Options Z overview


It’s very simple plugin yet more flexible and powerful to manage options. There are two types of fields, Text field and Textarea field. You can give name and value pair to each option and save with blink of eyes. To use it in your theme Shortcode and PHP code are available. Below are all features list you will find it useful.

  • Built in using Latest AngularJS 1.x
  • Very fast in rendering due to AngularJS
  • Plain text/HTML both are supported
  • Text and Textarea both fields are available for short and long texts
  • Shortcode support for each option
  • PHP code support for page templates
  • Fully AJAX Based (No reload headache)
  • Can be used anywhere in WordPress environment e.g. Posts, Pages, Widgets, Page templates
  • Extremely Lightweight (No more space needed)
  • Drag and Drop support for each option to rearrange options according to your need
  • No extra database tables
  • User friendly UI – UI Adopts your wordpress Admin theme


Get it Now

It’s available on


Need Support

If you need any kind of support of regarding this plugin you can raise a topic here or you can contact me via above menu “Contact Me“. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. If there are any bugs you found please report it also with full description.


Show some Support

If you find this plugin helpful, kindly rate it on and share your comments there also. If it really helped you and save you time, please consider some donation. Right sidebar contains paypal button.


Thank you very much 🙂


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