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Shyam is senior full stack developer, who loves to explore new technologies and work on them. He's passionate about coding so can code 24/7. He uses PHP as a backend programming language.

He knows Laravel, MySQL, AngularJS, ReactJS, Redis, Kubernetes, Git, CodeIgniter, PHP, MVC pattern, Lodash, jQuery, VanilaJS, Teamcity and many other technologies and tools.

Shyam writes notes and hacks on his blog ( In spare time he can be found @ StackOverflow or crafting any new open source application.

Passionate Programmer and Meditator #PERIOD.

CodeIgniter : Dynamic Database Query Caching

codeigniter database query caching

Purpose: This article is intended to show you how you can disable query caching for particular methods and enable it globally for all methods. In CodeIgniter there is default option for query caching. If you enable query cache in database.php, by passing $db['default']['cache_on'] = TRUE; It will enable query cache for all controllers. You might be thinking that there are already…

Theme Options Z: My second Plugin is out !

theme options z icon-128x128

After months of hard work My second plugin Theme Options Z is ready for use. Let’s talk something about it. Checkout my first plugin WP admin todo list, easily manage your tasks right from WordPress admin. From Where I get Idea During developing themes for clients I needed to use Options.php for custom options to allow clients to…

Save image to Imgur from Nimbus Extension in Google Chrome

During development everytime I take a screenshot via Nimbus Extension and edit it. Then to upload images to I have to open in new tab then copy image and paste to it, and upload. To get rid of this lengthy process I decided to create something that will make this whole process easier and…

Solved:Some add-ons have been disabled -Firefox issue

Some add-ons have been disabled

After updating Firefox I saw button “some extensions could not be verified” on add-ons page with title “Some add-ons have been disabled”. And found that some of my add-ons disabled. This thing starts from Firefox version 41. If Mozilla has not signed the extension, Firefox will auto-disable it. Introducing Extension Signing: A Safer Add-on Experience…

Cryptowall 4.0 : Save your Ass (Prevention tips)

CryptoWall 4 files on desktop

What this (Cryptowall 4.0) shit is ? This is new Ransomware in family of Cryptowall. This is bullsh*t ransomware that leaves no option to move for victim. What it does ? It does encrypt all your files, with file names (Yeah! that’s scary). It confuses victims. “Cryptowall 4.0 still includes advanced malware dropper mechanisms to…

htaccess: Redirecting different domains with different conditions

Redirecting different domains with different conditions

When developing large applications you face some issues or get some requirements, that you have to fulfill for your clients. Same as one of our white label client demanded non SSL website. Where our production environment is running on HTTPS and we are redirecting non SSL to SSL forcefully with .htaccess As below. RewriteCond %{HTTPS}…