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Shyam is senior full stack developer, who loves to explore new technologies and work on them. He's passionate about coding so can code 24/7. He uses PHP as a backend programming language.

He knows Laravel, MySQL, AngularJS, ReactJS, Redis, Kubernetes, Git, CodeIgniter, PHP, MVC pattern, Lodash, jQuery, VanilaJS, Teamcity and many other technologies and tools.

Shyam writes notes and hacks on his blog ( In spare time he can be found @ StackOverflow or crafting any new open source application.

Passionate Programmer and Meditator #PERIOD.

Debugging JavaScript with Firebug


To resolve the JavaScript error showing in Console and debug events bound to elements, you must have prior experience. This article is for those developers, who stuck when it comes to Debugging JavaScript conflicts or any error in Console. Many thanks to Firebug team, who gives their essential time developing an immensely beautiful addon. New…

AngularJS tutorial for jQuery Developers: Part1


  Now a days AngularJS is getting popular among developers, many companies are changing their websites with AngularJS. Simple intro to AngularJS AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google. It’s used for making robust dynamic web apps. It handles all DOM and AJAX well written code. It can be used to create CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)…

Quick patch : WP_User_Query orderby meta_value_num

This article is a quick patch/fix for orderby meta_value_num in WP_User_Query When you want to sort users by their meta key there is option, but if meta value is number and you want to sort them, then there is nothing like meta_value_num in WordPress (at the time or writing (WordPress 4.1 )) for WP_User_Query. So…

how to remove cryptoPHP malware from WordPress

cryptoPHP malware infected file

After moving WordPress site to live server my client reported me another day that hosting provider has blocked his site and saying that it’s infected with CryptoPHP malware. Hosting provider guys has setup an .htaccess protection and mailed client to prevent further damage. They sent a link describing this malware. After I have scanned whole site…