Solved:Some add-ons have been disabled -Firefox issue

After updating Firefox I saw button “some extensions could not be verified” on add-ons page with title “Some add-ons have been disabled”. And found that some of my add-ons disabled. This thing starts from Firefox version 41. If Mozilla has not signed the extension, Firefox will auto-disable it.

Some add-ons have been disabled

First time they started in Firefox version 40 to warn users that some unsigned extensions. So you can check for updates and/or inform the publisher about this impending problem. This does not stop the extensions from running.

As you can see from above screenshot that all unsigned extensions are listed. And it says that it couldn’t be verified and thus disabled.

Bypass sign check for add-ons

To solve this problem you have to disable flag xpinstall.signatures.required. To disable follow below given steps.

  1. Goto about:config in new tab.I'll be careful, I'll promise - add-ons have been disabled
  2. Click on I’ll be careful, I’ll promise!
  3. In search box search for xpinstall.signatures.required, it’s default value will be true.add-ons have been disabled -
  4. Double click on this so it’s value will be false.add-ons have been disabled
  5. After this refresh add-ons page about:addons, and there will be extensions available to enable/disable. Above screenshot describes that add-ons will be enabled, and also there are enable/disable buttons.
  6. Enable all and restart Firefox.


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