Save image to Imgur from Nimbus Extension in Google Chrome

During development everytime I take a screenshot via Nimbus Extension and edit it. Then to upload images to I have to open in new tab then copy image and paste to it, and upload. To get rid of this lengthy process I decided to create something that will make this whole process easier and faster.


I was thinking to develop new Google Chrome extension but due to lack of time I thought why not to modify Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast extension and add this functionality.



At the time of writing this and modifying extension I have following resources.

  • Ubuntu LTS 14.04 (32 bit)
  • Google Chrome
  • Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast 7.0.4
  • A bit developed mind


How it works

  • Capture webpage
  • Edit webpage
  • Click “Save to Imgur”
  • Wait for few seconds till it uploads image,
  • BooM! URL is copied to Clipboard already !

Here below is a video of how it works.

Download Modified Nimbus ZIP of Extension:

Download this Zip file, Extract it. Then load it to Google Chrome. If you don’t know how to load folder as extension checkout below link.



One of my user suggested to update this extended version of original extension with latest update so I got time and updated it with 8.2.2 (currently latest version). You can find that hacked version of extension below.


Note : This extension is property and copyright of it’s owners. This modified extension is provided for educational purposes and personal use only.

Enjoy Hacking !!!

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  • Troy Hayman

    Hi can you please update this for new version that fixes issues with retina. Thank you!

    • Thank you for stopping by, I’ll try.

    • Thank you for stopping by, I’ll try.

    • Hi Troy,
      I have updated hacked version to latest version of Nimbus 8.2.2, hope it helps you with bug fixes.
      Subscribe to this blog for more hacks.