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If you have ideas or queries and you think that it should be shared publicly. You can send it from below form.


If we like it and consider it to put it on this site, we appreciate it and as a return gift we will put your name and website link (if provided) on that article at the end. This will also help you to backlink your blog.

What type of articles I can request ?

See tag cloud on this site in sidebar. Which are most used tags in our past articles. You can get idea from that, and related to that topics are welcome also.


Will it be published ?

Most probably YES. We consider each and every suggestion and request. But as we have lots of requests it is not possible to respond every user personally, so we will consider request and work on it. It depends on how much suggestions we have in queue.


Will my name will be published  ?

YES, of course. If you suggest article and if it goes live, We will put your name along with your website url (if provided.) so that you can get backlink to your website also.


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